Who We Are

Rehman Paint Industries is one of the leading Paint Manufacturing company in decorative and industrial Sector since 1975.Since the company has earned a commendable reputation for producing reliable top quality brand, first class services and flexible distribution solutions, the company has met the growing demand trough regular extension in our products range which has continued to attract a healthy market share and has maintained a high reputation for constant quality.

What our Clients say

1998 -

Pakistan Paints: It was an aboloute pleasure to work with Delight Paints. They are extreamly nice people, and we look forward to doing business with them again!

2001 -

Ishfaq Paints: Very nice people. It was nice working with them.

2006 -

Al-Madina Paints: Very fast Delivery. Great customer support aswell. Look forward to more business

Our Services

Delight paints, provies a large variety of services, ranging from manufacturing, to designing. We are a complete package for the colourful needs!

Executive Director

M. Hasham Khan

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